Exciting new updates guys as we bring you the Custom FFA and also Custom Playershops! We hope you guys enjoy these updates we have much more fun and dangerous updates coming soon! -If you have any suggestions there is a forums area for them :D!
Hello guys!

We have updated some new features hopefully this will be more exciting and if you have any suggestions on more features or anything else post this in the suggestions forum! Here are the updates we hope you will enjoy them:

Soul Seller: A place where you can exchange all the souls from killing ur enemies for awesome loot!

Case Shop: Got some spare cash and want to test ur luck on some cases? Go to the skeleton and buy a case!

Reward Creeper: Rewards for playtime, Votes and More coming soon!

HeadHunter: Got an enemies head with a bounty on it? Or simply some mob heads, access this at the head hunter or /sellheads in game!

We also have more custom koth maps you can checkout at /koth and warp there when the koth is on and we have a new spawn and new warzone builds!

Hope you guys enjoy and message me some feedback either in the forums or on discord :D!

Welcome ValyrianCraft - A fun Factions thats includes Koth, Custom Enchants, Tinkerer, GKITS with boss battles, Duels, PVP, Crates and a whole lot more! A Custom /sell feature for donators to easily sell their items whilst the members must go to the shop and sell their items, And a custom /Shop for donators to easily buy items! We have built custom maps for Koth and Arenas for Duels and PVP! Our Community is growing and we hope you will stay. This season for the first 2 months of the server opening there is a $100 Ftop prize meaning that if your server is /ftop at the #1 spot by October 1st 11pm EST then you will receive $100 to your paypal and also 75$ Voucher if 2nd Place will receive 75$ Voucher and 3rd Place will receive a 50$ voucher for our server!

Please Enjoy our server and leave suggestions and feedback in the forums!

- TheRazerEyes Owner of ValyrianCraft!